Waxing crescent and gibbous, full moon and new moon, a lot of terms are used to describe the different phases of the moon. These terms are created by people who are concerned about it, who are trying to be accurate, noticing the tiniest difference between the moon of yesterday and of today. I am out of words to describe that moon, which is staying out there way before the dawn has come.

When taking a pause in reading, everything near at hand will become a bookmark, for example a bus ticket, a receipt, a scrap paper from nowhere. Someone may forget about that bookmark before returning books back to the library, so that temporary fragment stays on hold, suspended until being discovered by the next person.

This moon is ready to hand as a bookmark for the journal, a moon in daytime. Reusing it repeatedly, each folding and unfolding reveals a different moon phase with time trapped in a creased crescent.

Featured in The Blue Notebook: Journal for artists’ books, Vol 18 No1, Autumn – Winter 2023 

Moonfold2023Mezzotint, Chine-collé23.5 x 21 cm each