The Towards Series is an attempt, questioning the ideas between locations, places, appearance, ambiguity but most important the intertextuality of visual languages.  Wandering in an unknown piece of land, I am surprised by the familiarity integrated in the surrounded objects, the shades of light, the subdued tones over the horizon, and the silhouette of the tree canopy.  They are the familiar elements, each addressing somewhere I have seen in the past. These for me work as the 'phrase', the universal 'text' which constitute the world,  fulfilled with empty signs,  weaved together with the images of my home town, the place I have never been, the place I love and the future place I will go.  Through the prints I try to convoy that visual experience, the commonality of an empty space, somewhere unspecific. 

Towards No. 22023Intaglio: Mezzotint and Aquatint85 x 68 cm Edition of 10